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LSF creates classroom resources and lesson plans to support curriculum requirements as a need is identified.  Please check out the following easy to use, classroom ready resources to explore key sustainability issues with your students.

In partnership with HP, LSF has developed A Million Bottles a Minute: Closing the Plastics Loop for grades 4-8, an engaging and hands-on introduction to the single-use plastics problem, the concept of the circular economy, and actions we can take to reduce our single-use plastics consumption. Several delivery options are available, including slides with speaking notes, a play-and-go webinar recording, and a "home base" PDF with activities and information linked.
Our compilation of Climate Change Resources for Teachers on consists of a wide range of exemplary curriculum-connected climate change classroom resources, children's literature books and videos that will help teachers attack this complex, wide-reaching and urgent issues with their students.
Discover the Technology Loop! is a dynamic, cross curricular, skill-building resource to help students explore the environmental and social impacts of the computer electronics life cycle (from design, sourcing their materials, manufacturing, distribution, use and end of use).
EcoLeague Action Project Recipes are experiential learning activities that provide students with opportunities to engage in meaningful, empowering, inspiring and rewarding experiences. Each Action Kit includes ideas for in-class activities, step-by-step directions of the action day, follow-up activities and ideas for further investigation.
Inquiries for a Sustainable Future provides extensive background information on each issue, as well as a series of questions for students to debate and discuss
Teaching Geography Through a Sustainability Lens guide outlines five ‘big questions’ that students should considered throughout grade nine geography in order to encourage responsible citizenship.

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