Policy Roundtables and Symposiums

LSF undertakes research and convenes symposia and round table discussion engaging stakeholders and key decision-makers from across Canada to address “What’s worth Knowing” about various sustainability issues and how to influence policy development and curriculum changes in these areas. 

  • The 2015 What's Worth Knowing: Educating for the 21st Century Green Economy Symposium brought together over 90 senior decision makers from the government, business, education, and community sectors, as well as educators and youth from across Canada. The dialogue focused on what students need to know, do and value to be responsible, active and contributing citizens, entrepreneurs and consumers for the 21st century Green economy; and how formal education can be reoriented to meet these goals.
  • The 2013 What's Worth Knowing: Educating for Responsible Citizenship Symposium brought together over 125 senior decision makers in the government, business, education, and community sectors, as well as educators and students from across Canada.  The goal was to address the role of formal education in fostering responsible citizenship, and developing recommendations for collaborative change.
  • The 2012 Ready or Not? Preparing Youth for 21st Century Reponsible Citizenship Roundtables, delivered in partnership with Deloitte, brought together over 100 senior education, business, and civil society leaders in Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Halifax to address the questions: What do children and youth need to know, do, and value by the time they leave school in order to ensure they are responsible, active, and contributing citizens? How can formal education be reoriented to meet these goals?

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