Setting the Context

This Curriculum Review Initiative identifies what should be included in formal curriculum policy (fundamental concepts and related skills and values), as well as the most appropriate instructional methods for learning about twelve Key Action Themes selected from the twenty-one identified by the U.N.

This multi-dimensional project seeks to contribute to the following efforts:

Responsible Citizenship

Education is being called upon to prepare citizens around the world to meet the complex challenges we are currently facing. The fundamental rationale for changes to educational practice is to prepare youth to become responsible citizens as a means of addressing the rising economic, social, or environmental challenges, at the individual, local community, and international levels.

Policy Changes

In order to realize large scale changes in the educational practices and content in the classroom, there first must be changes implemented at the curriculum policy level. It is important that educators not view ESD as another subject to add to a crowded curriculum plate, but as an initiative acknowledging deficiencies in current practices and supporting broad-based educational reform leading to youth being active and effective members of their communities.

International Force

The United Nation’s Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, starting in 2005, is the international call for all jurisdictions to review their educational programming as a means of preparing their citizens to meet the mounting challenges through informed decision making and active democratic civic participation. The Canadian Sustainability Curriculum Review Initiative, is one Canadian response to the call for action, with the goal of ensuring that Canadian curricula address key sustainability themes.

Dowload the Canadian Sustainability Curriculum Review Initiative: Rationale, Context, and Scope document.

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