ESD Theme Documents

The theme documents provide an excellent tool for educators and curriculum designers wishing to engage students in ESD in ways that are appropriate to their level of development.


Click here to download the Citizenship Theme Document


Expanding the teaching of biodiversity beyond life sciences to include the ecological, quality of life and ethical perspectives on this topic.

Click here to download the Biodiversity Theme Document

Climate Change

Expanding climate change learning beyond the traditional subject areas of science and geography to see important connections between environmental issues, individual actions and the understanding of modern environmental policy debates.

Click here to download the Weather, Climate and Climate Change Theme Document.


Drawing the focus to the conceptual understanding of ecosystems and sustainability in order for students to develop a deeper understanding of how the world works and the human impact upon it.

Click here to download the Ecosystem Theme Document.


Broadening the scope of educating on energy to ensure that students are able to grasp the implications of energy use as it pertains to the economy, the environment, and societies.

Click here to download the Energy Theme Document.


Connecting students to the complexity of water issues in preparation for decision making as active citizens in their communities.

Click here to download the Water Theme Document.


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