Canadian Sustainability Curriculum Review Initiative

To strengthen and track sustainability literacy in Canada, LSF has established the Canadian Sustainability Curriculum Review Initiative. This initiative identifies what should be included in formal curriculum policy, as well as the most appropriate instructional methods for learning about key action themes selected from the themes of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. Each theme document is prepared to support education ministry personnel in re-orienting curriculum policy in all subject areas in all jurisdictions across Canada.

Our Goal:

The initiative seeks to inform educators on the most effective concepts, tools, skills, and values surrounding ESD to bring to the classroom. Through the theme documents, teachers and curriculum designers are provided with effective methods to transform students into responsible citizens engaged in solving current and future challenges.

Our Method:

The development of the theme documents is an ongoing process that provides the most up to date research by continuously revising the documents as new information and feedback becomes available.

Each piece of research utilizes the standardized template developed for this project, which includes:

  • Context and Description of Theme
  • Organizing Strands of Theme
  • Notes to Curriculum Designers
  • Grade Specific Exemplary Learning Programs
  • Learning Progression Charts

Read more about the rational, context and scope for the Curriculum Review Initiative on our Setting the Context page.

Our Themes:

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