Policy and Research

A major focus of LSF’s work involves research and collaboration to advance education policies, standards, and good practice.  LSF advises Ministries of Education, schools boards, and faculties of education on policy and curriculum using ESD - a lens through which all education must be viewed.

Canadian Sustainability Curriculum Review Initiative

This initiative identifies what should be included in formal curriculum policy, as well as the most appropriate   instructional methods for learning about key action themes selected from the themes of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. Each theme document is prepared to support education ministry personnel in re-orienting curriculum policy in all subject areas in all jurisdictions across Canada.

Policy Roundtables and Symposiums 

LSF undertakes research and convenes symposia and round table discussion engaging stakeholders and key decision-makers from across Canada to address “What’s worth Knowing” about various sustainability issues and how to influence policy development and curriculum changes in these areas.

Sustainability Education Policy Network

LSF is participating in a $2 million Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council grant entitled Sustainability Education Policy network (2012-2019) with the University of Saskatchewan to examine meducation policy and innovation for ESD.

International Activities

LSF embraces international opportunities for policy input and program delivery.  LSF’s video, theme documents and Connecting the Dots resources have been translated into Spanish to support the reorientation of education for sustainable development in the Dominican Republic.

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Connecting the dots

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