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ESD_Canada_logoESD Canada is a network that brings together a broad range of stakeholders from across the country to support systemic change toward Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) within the formal, non-formal and informal education systems. Made up of the ESD Canada National Council, Provincial/Territorial Working Groups and sustainability educators, among others, the network operates at mulitple scales, collaborating to move ESD forward in Canada.

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All people and organizations in Canada are living sustainably.


ESD Canada will promote a Canadian culture of sustainability by developing and strengthening collaboration and leadership in education and training.


  1. Strengthen, promote and communicate ESD activities in Canada directly by the ESD Canada National Council and through the ESD Canada network.
  2. Provide leadership and support innovation in ESD.
  3. Coordinate the identification of ESD activities and resources across Canada; identify gaps at a national level and the process to address gaps.
  4. Identify, nurture and disseminate ESD research to provincial/territorial ESD working groups and national and international organizations as appropriate.
  5. Monitor and report on ESD progress in Canada
  6. Develop and implement a short term and long term plan for financial stability of ESD Canada and ESD Working Groups.

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