2020 Earth Steward Teaching Award Recipients

2020 Award Recipients

The following educators have been chosen as the recipients of LSF’s first ever Earth Steward Teaching Awards to recognize teachers for their exemplary contribution to sustainability education in Canada. This years winners and runners up demonstrate exceptional leadership in sustainability education, are recognized as inspirations to their students and school community, and have taken on creative, innovative projects to advance sustainability learning and education.

Secondary Winner:

James Stuart (Queen Elizabeth School - Edmonton, Alberta)

“Each and every day James demonstrates and models what environmentally and socially conscious decision making looks like. His life-long commitment to environmental responsibility, innovation and accountability is an inspiration to everyone he shares his life with.” -Grame Dowdell (Nominator)

Elementary Winner:

Catherine (Anne) Corkery (St. Annes C.E.S - Peterborough, Ontario)

“My first passion is connecting children with the natural world. If we are to conserve the natural world for future generations, then we must teach the future decision-makers, who are the children of today, to love the natural world.” -Catherine (Anne) Corkery

Secondary Runners up:

Mathieu Morin and Oriane de Fenoyl (École secondaire Ronald-Marion - Pickering, Ontario)

From "Bouselloe," their unique four-credit program where students learn in an integrated, multidisciplinary, hands-on model through the lens of environmental leadership and sustainability, to organizing environmental careers day for their students and facilitating field trips and experiences that allow students to learn authentically, Mathieu and Oriane exemplify what it means to create innovative approaches to sustainability education that inspire passion in students.

Elementary Runner Up:

Amanda Bain (Cold Lake Elementary School - Cold Lake, Alberta)

“Amanda is one of the most passionate teachers I have ever met. She thinks outside the box to bring projects to her classroom that not only foster a love of learning but make the kids better stewards of the planet. One of her main projects this year was hands-on learning through the use of a tower garden. Extra food from the tower gardens is passed onto our local food bank which teaches students about never wasting food. She is creating a generation of kids that are more aware and truly care.” - Nominator

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