About LSF

Who We Are

Founded in 1991 by a diverse group of youth, educators, business leaders, government and community members, LSF is a non-profit Canadian organization that was created to integrate sustainability education into Canada’s education system.

Our Vision

We believe in socially, environmentally and economically sustainable society, with engaged citizens who think and act responsibly, today, and for generations to come.

Our Mission

LSF's mission is to promote, through education, the knowledge, skills, values, perspectives, and practices essential to a sustainable future.

Our Goal Is Simple

LSF’s goal is to work together with educators, students, parents, government, community members and business leaders to integrate the concepts and principles of sustainable development into education policy, school curricula, teacher education, and lifelong learning across Canada.

The Secret to Our Success

LSF believes that building comprehensive programs starts with building a solid base. LSF's core program strengths are linked in an Integrated Framework that includes four areas:

  • Advancing Education Policy, Standards and Good Practice
  • Reorienting Teaching and Learning
  • Fostering Sustainable Communities - Linking Education to Action
  • Supporting Collaborative Initiatives, Networks and Champions

Our Reach

LSF facilitates the delivery of sustainable development education programs and resources to teachers and students across Canada. 

Our Team

LSF’s team is comprised of a strong Board of Directors representing government, educators, industry, civil society and youth; experienced staff; consultants and partners across the country; classroom teachers; and graduate researchers from leading Canadian universities.

For an overview of LSF's programs, please click here.

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