My Reflection on the EcoLeague Youth Forum (A UGDSB Perspective)

As an educator, I felt extremely lucky to be able to participate in the EcoLeague Youth Forum in Milton, Ontario on October 25th, 2016. This environmentally themed day provided more than your typical informational workshop. It targeted what is still missing in many classrooms – student driven action projects that have a positive impact on our world. To accomplish this goal, the workshop had separate sessions for teachers and students so that each could be specifically designed with its target audience in mind. Students spent the day being inspired by a range of hands-on breakout sessions that motivated them to discover an environmental issue that they were passionate about. Teachers were led through indoor and outdoor activities that added to their knowledge base of the inquiry based learning model. A highlight of the day was the networking and sharing by teachers who inspired others with their dedication to providing powerful learning activities for their students. The culminating activity was perfectly planned – empowered students stepped up as leaders and gave their ‘pitch’ for an EcoAction project they wanted to implement at their school.

October 25 Pictures:

October 26th Pictures:

Our mandate as educators to provide our students with opportunities to engage in actions that deepen their understanding of global issues has never been more critical. One needs only to look to the daily bombardment of alarming news cycles to confirm that we need to embrace positive change. Education has a key role to play to help young people understand the complexity of environmental challenges, and students need to feel hopeful about the future. I would like to thank LSF and 3M for hosting a Youth Forum to inspire teachers and students to take action and urge all of us to be environmentally responsible citizens.


Karen Acton

Environmental Sustainability Lead