Water Docs @ School Action Projects Recognition Day

Tuesday, March 24 witnessed an exciting Recognition Day for 11 Grade 8 classes completing their participation in the 2nd annual Water Docs @ School Action Projects program.  Students from Ajax to Hamilton and downtown Toronto to Newmarket gathered at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema to watch each other’s films, see prizes awarded for the Best Project and Best Film, and to try out the Pedal Power display, a stationary bike designed to demonstrate just how much energy it takes to move water around and across the city.The day ended with the inspiring words of Robyn Hamlyn, a 16-year-old Water Warrior from Kingston, ON, as she related her own journey of activation at the age of 12; she has traveled the province to convince city councils to become Blue Communities, a program of the Council of Canadians.  She further challenged the students to become activists themselves, pointing to global examples of young people who are making a difference, and challenging them to find a place to make their own marks.

Water Docs & LSF are planning a significant expansion of the WD@S program for the 2015/2016 school year, so if you are (or know) a Grade 8 teacher in the GTHA who would be interested, or to inquire about further details, please contact us at bob.isenberger@ecologos.ca.