London District Catholic School Board News: Eco-Night at Holy Family Woodstock

Eco-Night at Holy Family Woodstock

Monday, May 12, 2014.

The Eco-Team at Holy Family Catholic French Immersion hosted an Eco-Night during education week. The purpose of the Eco-Night was to inform the Holy Family community of the various eco-friendly initiatives being conducted at Holy Family.

The Eco-Team, led by grade 6/7 teacher M. Tellier, is currently involved in morning announcement eco-tips, giving students tips on being environmentally friendly throughout the day.  They monitor the cleanliness of classroom recycling bins and garbage bins, assuring that all items are placed in the appropriate bins, and award points to classes for their ability to recycle responsibly.  Daily winning classrooms are awarded the “Golden Recycle Bin” or the “Golden Dustpan”.  Classroom progress is also monitored on bar graphs so that they may be observed by the student population.  The Eco-Team also collects organic compost throughout the school to be placed in the outdoor tumbler compost bin or fed to the vermicompost worms, a new initiative started last April.  They will soon be planting vegetables that are currently sprouting in the main foyer of the school in the new vegetable garden on the school grounds.  They also implement “Trash Free Thursdays” and are involved in the Terracycling program.

The attendance at the Eco-Night was impressive and visitors were welcomed at the gym doors by students who gave them a quick tour of the various stations throughout the gymnasium.  The stations included: the vermicompost display; the Golden Recycling Bin and Golden Dustpan display; and a station to make origami biodegradable pots. The biodegradable pots were used at the station to plant your own flowers or vegetables to take home. Visitors were then encouraged to visit the dessert display where they can eat earth worms in dirt (gummy worms and chocolate mousse).  A reading station was setup for children and a video display showed the Cathy’s Crawly Composters DVD, an informative video on the vermicompost unit.  A raffle section gave visitors the chance to win Holy Family t-shirts, compost bins, a seed sprouter, and educational materials.  Lastly, a donations station displayed used items brought in from the Eco-Team that can be recycled by being adopted by other families.

Congratulations to the Eco-Team and to M. Tellier for their hard work throughout the year.  The Eco-Night was a great success and a testament to their dedication throughout the year.  Thank you also to Mme Campbell for making the edible dirt.  Thank you to Mlle Armstrong, M. Serrano and to the principal, Mme Bobyk, for their assistance in setting up the stations for the evening.

For more info on the Eco-Team and their accomplishments, visit their website:!

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